Zadik Zadikian’s Mariam Icon

Zadikian's Mariam IconA native of Armenia, Zadikian’s mission is to liberate the original miniatures of Armenian manuscripts from their origins in Dark Ages to the new Millennium. Zadikian expands these miniatures into new dimensions to serve the contemporary needs of today’s population. He paints his miniatures fearlessly with vibrant colors while presenting them in a new scale using fragments to make each piece bolder and simpler. Similar to Andy Warhol’s elevation of 1960’s pop culture into modern art, Zadikian revives the icons of 13th century Armenia in silkscreen miniatures while capturing the spirituality, emotion, and essence of Armenia’s cultural and historic past. Zadikian’s ease and familiarity with the past and the present allow him to fuse the two into one, creating a fresh new experience for the viewer.

Zadikian’s artistic career began at the age of fifteen as a student of the Art Academy of Yerevan. He exhibited his sculptures in the museums of contemporary art in both Yerevan and Moscow. He managed an unbelievable escape from Soviet Armenia and traveled throughout the Middle East finally arriving in San Francisco. There he became an assistant to noted sculptor Bejamin Bufano. Three years later he moved to New York City where he worked with artist Richard Serra who assisted him in creating his huge signature black oil stick wall drawings entitled Black Drawings.

In 1976, Zadikian covered the walls and floors of a 10,000 sq foot studio with industrial gold, transforming it into a radiant vision. The exhibit, his first New York production, gained him recognition and a unique place in the world of modern art. Acclaimed works that followed include the exhibit 100 Bricks Gilded in 22 Karat Cold Leaf and a solo exhibition at the Newport Harbor Art Museum showcasing his classically influenced sculptures.

Ani & Narod Memorial Foundation, Inc. collaborated with Zadikian to offer an edition of 150 of his signed and numbered prints, each silk-screened by hand.


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