Kardash Onnig’s Toys Cards

Born in Zahleh, Lebanon, artist Kardash Onnig’s roots in toy making began with his grandfather, a storyteller who crafted many toys for Onnig. Following in his grandfather’s tradition, Kardash Onnig devoted a good portion of his time to toy-making as well as teaching the art of crafting toys through an apprenticeship-like program for young adults.

“Like the court jester, the medicine man, the alchemist, or the psychiatrist of our day, the toy-maker, through his simple craft and communication media, is performing what one might consider a therapeutic service,” explains internationally noted artist John Johansin about Kardash Onnig. “His toys are works of art and as do all works of art, literature, and music, [his toys] deal with images which say something of reality and life which our day to day existence fails to do.”

Ani & Narod Memorial Foundation, Inc. created a unique collaboration between the Narod Armenian Children’s Cultural Institute and visual artist Kardash Onnig to create a set of “toy” postcards. Kardash Onnig’s toys have brought joy to children from all corners of the globe.


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