Mark Sarkis Arts Institute

Mark Sarkis Arts InstituteMark Sarkis Arts Institute programs aim to promote first-quality modern arts and cultural experiences by supporting the artists of an emerging Armenian society by nurturing them as living realities. Although no longer a current focus of the Ani & Narod Memorial Foundation, Inc. The Mark Sarkis Arts Institute has helped promote the various artists noted here.

Mark Sarkis Ardhaldjian was born on June 3, 1974 in Beirut, Lebanon. If you ask those who knew him to describe him, you would hear words like ‘visionary’, ‘genius’, ‘highly creative’, ‘driven’, ‘a true lover of every minute of life.’ He was an avid reader, an exceptional writer, a collector of stamps as well as an aficionado of films. On June 27, 1995, Mark Sarkis Ardhaldjian died in an automobile accident while driving from Chicago to Indiana, at the age of 21.

Assadour Postcard Series

Assadour is a French-Armenian painter and printmaker. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, he studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Petro Vanucci in Perugia, Italy, and the National College of Fine Arts in Paris. In celebration of the new millennium, Ani & Narod Memorial Foundation presented 01-01-2000, a 16 postcard series by Assadour.

Kardash Onnig’s Toys Cards

Ani & Narod Memorial Foundation, Inc. created a unique collaboration between the Narod Armenian Children’s Cultural Institute and visual artist Kardash Onnig to create a set of “toy” postcards. Kardash Onnig’s toys have brought joy to children from all corners of the globe.

Zadik Zadikian’s Mariam Icon

A native of Armenia, Zadikian’s mission is to liberate the original miniatures of Armenian manuscripts from their origins in Dark Ages to the new Millennium. Zadikian expands these miniatures into new dimensions to serve the contemporary needs of today’s population.

Taline Children’s Music

Taline is a popular Diasporan Armenian singer of children’s songs, living in Southern California. “Mer Bzdig Ashkhare,” Taline’s second album, was a collaboration between the Narod Institute and the husband and wife team of Taline and Alex Bessos. The talented couple was responsible for producing the cassette and the Narod Institute subsidized distribution and assumed responsibility of the product in Armenia.

Golden Apricot’s Mark Sarkis Prix Award

Through ANMF’s Mark Sarkis Arts Institute, the Ardhaldjian family sponsored the “Mark Sarkis Prix for Best Film” award at the Yerevan International Film Festival, the Golden Apricot. This honor was presented to the winner of the Armenian Panorama category. The award was designed to increase awareness and generate greater interest in Armenian independent filmmakers. The prize was created by the Ardhaldjian family as a tribute honoring their beloved son and brother, Mark Sarkis Ardhaldjian, an aspiring filmmaker who passed away in 1995, at the tender age of 21.


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