ANMF believes immunization against preventable diseases is a child’s basic right and a cost-effective form of healthcare intervention can provide for the children’s needs. With this belief as the driving force, ANMF has made the Millennium Armenian Children’s Vaccine Fund (MACVF) one of its primary programs. MACVF is a public-private capital fund founded in 2000 and set to run until 2015, in partnership with international agencies including UNICEF, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and various constituents of the Armenian Diaspora. MACVF’s mission is to ensure a steady stream of income to finance vaccines for Armenia’s National Immunization Program (NIP).

As a key advocate in public health, the MACVF aims to catalyze the ongoing introduction of new vaccines in the Republic of Armenia and to secure the sustainability over time of these vaccines’ initiatives by the government of Armenia. Additionally, MACVF tries to operate in partnership, when possible, with international organizations pursuing public health goals in Armenia.


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