Over the years, the Ani & Narod Memorial Foundation (ANMF) has created numerous programs and institutions to take on different challenges when social needs have been recognized. The Ani & Narod Memorial Foundation acts as a catalyst for social improvement. Its main principle is flexibility for the sake of social advancement.

Current Focus

Millenium Armenian Children’s Vaccine Fund (MACVF)

Programs_Current Focus_MACVFThe Millennium Armenian Children’s Vaccine Fund (MACVF), created under ANMF’s Ani Health Institute, is the foundation’s most valuable program. MACVF was developed to serve as a public-private capital fund with the mission to ensure that a steady stream of income is in place to finance vaccines for Armenia’s National Immunization Program (NIP). ANMF’s current and future direction is focusing on the involvement in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh’s public health issues, specifically for women and children, and helping to solve these issues by providing innovative and sustainable models, which could provide solutions for other countries as well.

Special Initiatives

Coming soon.

Our History

Although ANMF no longer focuses on these programs, and they are no longer funded, the Narod Armenian Children’s Cultural Institute (NACCI) and the Mark Sarkis Arts Institute both had successful, long-lasting programs which were created to promote Armenian educational and cultural experiences.

Narod Armenian Children’s Cultural Institute

Narod Armenian Children's InstituteThe Narod Armenian Children’s Cultural Institute was established to bring joy to the life of every Armenian child, improve the educational contexts of childhood, and help children share the Armenian cultural heritage.

Mark Sarkis Arts Institute

Programs_Our History_Mark SarkisMark Sarkis Arts Institute programs aim to promote first-quality modern arts and cultural experiences by supporting the artists of an emerging Armenian society by nurturing them as living realities. Although no longer a current focus of the Ani & Narod Memorial Foundation, Inc. The Mark Sarkis Arts Institute has helped promote the various artists noted here.


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