ANMF to Split Off Narod Network Project

NEW YORK, New York, May 25, 2000 — The Ani and Narod Memorial Fund (ANMF) announced today it would suspend indefinitely its educational technology program, The Narod Network Project (NNP), in order to focus on its Armenian healthcare program, the Millennium Armenian Children’s Vaccine Fund (MACVF) . Raffy Ardhaldjian, Chairman of ANMF also stated that the educational efforts may continue under the leadership of current Program Manager Marie Lou Papazian, but that it will no longer be operated by the ANMF.

“Since its establishment in 1998, the Narod Network Project has demonstrated a steady rate of growth and success. It has moved from a development concept to a fully operational program as it has expanded from its initial pilot testing of 10 schools to 60 schools throughout Armenian Diasporan communities within the past three years. It’s an experiment that confirms there is a need for Internet-based educational programming within the Armenian landscape. I believe that decentralization of this operation will further enhance the value of the Narod Network Project, reduce its dependence on ANMF, and will simultaneously enable us to direct more of ANMF’s energy toward its primary mission of helping Armenian women and children live happier and healthier lives,” said Ardhaldjian. In particular, Ardhaljian emphasized the importance of concentrating ANMF efforts on launching a campaign for the $ 1.5 M capital fund needed for the MACVF and establishing critical governmental and non-governmental partnerships for this program during the remainder of this year.

“Last but not least, we want to thank all of our constituents for the support and enthusiasm they showed us for the project. We believe that our collective efforts created an important milestone for Armenian educational efforts during the Internet era” said Ardhaldjian. The foundation is referring all inquiries with the project to its new URL at

Ani & Narod Memorial Fund (ANMF) is a private non-profit operating foundation established in 1994 in the memory of Ani Ardhaldjian and her 2-½ year old daughter Narod. Since its inception, it has implemented such significant projects as the premiere of “Sesame Street” in Armenia, the opening of the Narod Ardhaldjian Children’s Library in Beirut, Lebanon, in cooperation with the Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon, the development of a series of creative and inspiring educational materials, such as Armenian Alphabet posters and children’s calendars and its most recent program, MACVF, a healthcare initiative that will immunize Armenia’s children on a long-term sustainable basis.

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