The Ani & Narod Memorial Foundation, Inc. is a privately operated foundation with an executive board comprised of three members of the Ardhaldjian family who manage the day-to-day operations and supervise ongoing projects.

Raffy ArdhaldjianRaffy Ardhaldjian

President and Chief Volunteer Officer

Raffy Ardhaldjian was born in Kuwait from a Lebanese-Armenian father and an Egyptian-Armenian mother. He moved to New York at the age of seventeen to pursue his studies in Engineering at the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. He holds graduate degrees in engineering from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and an MA from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. In addition to his formal education, Mr. Ardhaldjian has completed non-degree graduate courses in spiritual psychology and film studies. Mr. Ardhaldjian’s career has mostly been spent in the technological sphere. He is currently an executive in a leading software company.

The Ani & Narod Memorial Foundation was founded by Mr. Ardhaldjian in 1994 in loving memory of his late wife and daughter, Ani and Narod. He continues to act as Chief Volunteer Officer.

Paul ArdhaldjianPaul Ardhaldjian

Family Board Director

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Paul Ardhaldjian attended the Sacred Heart Catholic School in Gemmayzeh, Lebanon. Soon after graduation, Mr. Ardhaldjian went into business, founding MetalExport, which became one of the pre-eminent scrap metal trading houses in the Middle East with offices in Beirut and Kuwait. Mr. Ardhaldjian, now retired, lives with his wife in Glendale, CA. He spends his time with his seven grandchildren and volunteers for ANMF by assisting in executing its vision.

Malvina ArdhaldjianMalvina Ardhaldjian

Family Board Director & Secretary

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Malvina Ardhaldjian received her primary education at École Église Français. Mrs. Ardhaldjian is the dedicated wife to Paul Ardhaldjian and mother to five children. She studied the art of Japanese flower arrangement in Japan in the 1960s and lectured on the art form over the years. She is a founding member of the Armenian Artisana of the Armenian Relief Cross in Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon.

Over the years, Mrs. Ardhaldjian has contributed immensely to ANMF’s various outreach programs and remains dedicated to its cause.

Roupen Ardhaldjian

Former Treasurer

Roupen Ardhaldjian attained his BS from University St. Joseph in Beirut and his MBA from the University of Rochester Simon Business School. Presently, he is a financial advisor to a major European metal trading house.

Previously, Mr. Ardhaldjian worked for Amber Capital, an event-driven hedge fund based in New York. He was a research analyst focused on M&A transactions with seven years of experience at Weiss Peck & Greer, Couchman Investments, Helios Group and Dolphin Ltd.

Advisory Board

ANMF has a Program Advisory Council to provide public health and organizational advice to the Foundation’s healthcare programs. Qualified specialists with an interest in women and children’s healthcare are always welcome to join the ANMF team.


The foundation hires non-family personnel with qualifications to fulfill specific program needs. During various phases of the program, a Country Operations’ Manager is hired in Yerevan, Armenia. Other staff functions such as administration, accounting, legal, etc. are managed electronically.

Paleny TopjianPaleny Topjian

Programs Coordinator

Paleny Topjian received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from UCLA in 2009. Soon after graduating, she volunteered in Armenia through Birthright Armenia/Armenian Volunteer Corps, after which she developed an avid passion and commitment to the country. Upon returning to her hometown, she joined ANMF’s team in March 2011.

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